Adhesive film for measuring heart rate created

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Perhaps, it is Apple that deserves all the laurels in the context of the proper development and selection of special algorithms that can accurately and quickly notice various bad symptoms of arrhythmia and other conditions with the help of smart watches – it was she who first demonstrated such tricks to the market. However, today an equally talented team of material engineering specialists from the University of California in the USA presented their own development of this type, which is aimed at qualitatively measuring the state of the heart rhythm on almost any type of wristwatch.

The project itself is a special thin film crammed with appropriate sensors and possessing excellent adhesive properties – in particular, its ability to firmly adhere to many surfaces makes it so accurate. At the heart of the new touch film is the use of a modified ECG sensor, which, however, does not work exactly as the owners of smart wrist devices Apple and Samsung are used to it. Despite the fact that so far the development team does not disclose all the technical features regarding its new film, we can guess that it clearly exceeds many of the analogues on the market.

It is not yet clear how stable and reliable this technology is in the long run, but the developers themselves say that it allows you to fairly accurately – and most importantly quickly – identify potential arrhythmic signals and generally indicate some of the most disturbing factors in the cardiovascular system at the time of measuring the heart rate of the end user.

A health monitoring system of such a level could become a truly indispensable type of technology for developing and producing even more multifunctional and interesting options for smart watches, but the final option is really mysterious – after all, developers can completely change the technological process and offer something even more unusual.

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