Activity throughout the day prolongs life

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It is no secret that a sedentary lifestyle negatively affects the general state of health and thus the life expectancy of a person – however, few studies directly pointed to the specific risks of such a lifestyle. Today, however, the results of a rather lengthy and interesting study from the American Cancer Society, which focused on studying the relationship between systematic light exercise with a sedentary lifestyle and increasing life expectancy in general, were presented – it is worth noting that the results were very, very unusual.

The study itself began in 1994 and ended now, in 2019 – during all this time, specialists from AOR observed the daily health status of more than 55,000 women and 38,000 men from among the volunteers of the experiment. Studying the various patterns and relationships between these elements among all volunteers, scientists noticed that those who systematically practiced 30-minute light physical exercises throughout the day had and still have higher chances of no risk of early development of various diseases , which automatically increases their chances of a longer life.

These volunteers had a 45% increase in a higher chance of a longer life, and those who did less than 15 minutes a day showed a statistical increase of 17%. Thus, this study clearly shows that systematic activity during the day – even with light exercise or a half-hour walk – can increase life expectancy.

However, the scientists themselves say that, despite fairly accurate statistical results that are tied to the individual characteristics of the health indicators of each of the participants, it may still hide other features and factors associated with an increase in life expectancy in general. It is worth noting the fact that scientists also continue to observe a separate category of subjects who follow certain types of physical activity.

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