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Hello dear readers! My name Wiley M. Wagner. Whoever you are – whether a doctor, a medical student or any other profile, a researcher, an office worker or just any other person with an inquisitive mind and a desire for historical knowledge – welcome to our blog vancouvereyedoctor.ca.

In this world there are endless fields of little-known facts about medicine and doctors that have accumulated over many centuries, mountains of information stretching to the depths of centuries (paradox — tops to the depth, yes?), And stories of famous medical personalities ( Whose classic look sometimes hides oh how much everything …) Here you will find many useful articles, actual news and much more!
Intriguing? Welcome!

So, you came to us. You are probably wondering what could be so unusual, entertaining, something that could surprise you, perhaps even stun, something that you would not even have guessed before. We can assure you – we will find something to please! Let’s find, show, explain and give for long storage in the halls of your mind!

Maybe you know who Max Pettenkofer is and what happened to him after he decided to swallow the cholera vibrio culture? Or with what else, except illnesses, physicians struggled a century ago?

Feel free to say – we have a lot of similar stories. A lot – and it is strange that no one has yet done such a blog. We will try to correct this misunderstanding.

In case of any questions – write to us on the appropriate page for this!