About 65% of pregnant women in the US do not get vaccinated

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FILE PHOTO: A general view of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia September 30, 2014. TO MATCH SPECIAL REPORT USA-UNCOUNTED / SURVEILLANCE REUTERS / Tami Chappell / File Photo

Today, the United States Centers for Disease Prevention has published an interesting new report on one very disturbing phenomenon among a large number of pregnant women in America – however, the same problems can be observed in the rest of the world as a whole. We are talking about the fact that more than 65% of women who are expecting the birth of a baby are found to have the most necessary vaccines, and the indicated vaccines are presented here mainly for colds and flu vaccines, which, although they seem to be taken for granted, are actually made out far from always, which can have very dangerous consequences for mothers and their children.

In addition, the report says that it is precisely 65% ​​of pregnant women who usually get one or another form of the common cold during pregnancy – which is intensified in closed systems such as hospitals and maternity hospitals. And this means that their child can also with high probability get this disease, which, given the almost complete absence of antibodies, can result in really serious health problems or even death.

And therefore, scientists and employees of the US Center for Disease Prevention warn all pregnant women about the need for vaccination, at least less than the “minimum set” in the face of the already designated vaccines against influenza and the common cold. As for current statistics, it was also taken from some unofficial sources, so it illustrates a truly indicative level of the problem, which continues to grow both within America and abroad, in Europe and Asia.

However, given the current anti-vaccination programs and campaigns, which are launched everywhere in different parts of the world, it is hardly worth wondering at the increased scale of problems in the context of vaccines for pregnant women. With all this in mind, a team of specialists from the CDC Center proposes to tighten medical control over women who enter a public or private maternity hospital, as it will be easier to track a potential problem.

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