A warm bath can improve sleep patterns

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Sleep is one of the most important mechanisms for a healthy lifestyle and longevity – so it’s not surprising that more and more people are beginning to think about how to further improve their sleep factor. A new study by biologists from the University of Texas at Austin regarding this improvement in sleep has shown that taking a warm bath shortly before bedtime is one of the best enabling factors that can significantly improve both the sleep process and some individual patterns associated with by him. In particular, scientists have illustrated the relationship between a warm bath and muscle relaxation.

According to a recent study, Texan experts found that taking a warm bath with a temperature of 40 to 42 degrees Celsius is the most revealing and effective tool for short-term and long-term improvement in sleep. The study was compiled in more than five thousand previous studies and studies on the factors for improving sleep.

Accepting a warm bath in such a temperature range allows a person to relax muscle tone and subsequently effectively remove excess heat – because after taking such a bath, most of the blood is concentrated in the legs and arms, thereby diverting excess heat. And this allows, in turn, to normalize breathing and make the heart rate slower – the perfect combination in order to fall asleep correctly and firmly. In addition, it was noted that bathing in warm water before bedtime – at least an hour and a half – on average reduces the sleep time to ten minutes, which is also quite good.

It becomes clear that taking a warm bath or a shower, at worst, may be in some way a universal approach to improving the quality of sleep – on the other hand, some users may not get the same effect from this, since the study also talks about the importance of combining some other good habits. So while the study continues, it already clearly illustrates that a warm bath can be an excellent and safer alternative to various sedatives.

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