A variety of intestinal biomes can improve the social dimension of life.

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A new study on the relationship of the intestinal biome with the lifestyle and social activity of a person today was presented as part of a new project by experts in nutrition and biology from Oxford University – or, more precisely, from the Department of Experimental Physiology at the University. The project manager, Dr. Katerina Johnson, presented the final results of her study, which were collected a few weeks after studying several hundred people with different types of intestinal bacteriological biomes – the main focus of the study was whether the diversity of the biome really affects social life. person.

And the results did not fail to surprise specialists, because they found that in fact such a biodiversity of intestinal bacteria can directly affect the behavior and behavioral patterns of an individual person. As a result of the study, experts came to the conclusion that the more diverse and rich intestinal biome a person has, the more rich and rich his social life will be, since different bacterial groups affect human behavior in different ways.

Moreover, scientists have noticed that those people who consume more whole grain and probiotic foods have better chances to achieve various social and professional goals, as they have greater energy reserves and a more balanced emotional background compared to those who mainly rely on processed ones. and semi-finished food products.

In addition, scientists also noted that international tourism can also be a good way to diversify your intestinal biome in addition to eating different foods – as a person opens up to the influence of new bacterial groups inherent in different geographical areas of the world, which additionally enriches his own biome, providing an additional level of natural biological protection against various harmful bacteria. However, the study still has some interesting questions to think about.

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