A unique system for cleaning the ocean from plastic has been created

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Over the past five years, specialists from the Ocean Cleanup Project have worked tirelessly on their new waste management system in the Pacific Ocean – or rather, throughout the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Route,” which stretches for many hundreds of kilometers. The project was initiated by a former student, an aerotechnology engineer, Boyan Slat, who then became an entrepreneur and set about trying to create such a system for cleaning and disposing of garbage – mainly plastic – that would preserve environmental safety in the Pacific Ocean. And he succeeded after several years of work.

Today, the development team informed the public that the garbage treatment plant was transported to the territory of a separate marine base about 500 km from the coast of San Francisco, where previously the development was collected in parts. The project itself is a construction-station with about 600 meters in length and controlled by the power of winds and streams – this is how it attracts accumulations of garbage, mainly consisting of plastic, and effectively utilizes it.

It is worth noting that a huge amount of plastic really poses an environmental hazard to the ocean biome and ecosystem, which is why the Ocean Cleanup Project has gathered so much attention and funding. So far, the installation will be tested for two weeks in this section of the ocean, and if everything goes well, it will soon be transported to one of the most problematic sections of the great garbage track in the Pacific Ocean. However, perhaps she will first need some improvement and preliminary diagnostics.

It is worth noting that the forecasts of the developers are really optimistic – they note that the installation will be able to clean up to 50% of the total accumulation of garbage in the Pacific Ocean in just five years, so we are potentially dealing with the most powerful installation of this format. It remains only to wait for the end of the preliminary testing and obtain the first results relating directly to the possibility of its use in the most critical conditions.

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