A unique kidney tumor surgery was performed in Israel

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The nano-knife technology allows you to effectively destroy kidney growths in a mini-invasive way, while reducing the risk of damage to neighboring organs to the minimum possible. Thus, such operations not only reduce the operational and postoperative health risks for the patient, but also shorten the period of postoperative rehabilitation. A new organ-preserving method of treating kidney cancer is called ablation, and today it is the most progressive.

Separately, it should be said about the nano-knife – it is a unique surgical device that creates a high-frequency electric field that neutralizes abnormal cells. The device has a high-precision effect, which ensures the integrity and safety of healthy tissues surrounding the neoplasm.

Using a nano-knife for laparoscopic surgery

Until recently, the nano-knife technology was used to remove tumors only during abdominal operations. However, an innovative procedure carried out at the Israeli Assuta Clinic allowed the use of a nano-knife when performing laparoscopic surgery.

The operation was performed on a 73-year-old man with a 2.5 cm neoplasm. Already after 1.5 days, the patient was discharged from the clinic with a good state of health and fully restored functions of the body, and most importantly – without a tumor.

The first surgeon who applied the innovative procedure was the surgeon-urologist at the Assuta clinic, Dr. Andrey Nado. “From now on, patients, for whom even minimally invasive intervention is dangerous, have hope,” the surgeon shared his impressions of the innovative way.

Note that the procedure is effective for treating kidney tumors (and in the long run other organs), the size of which does not exceed 2.5 cm.

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