A study shows that a bad diet is more dangerous than smoking and lack of sleep.

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Smoking, lack of physical activity and poor sleep are certainly negative factors in the life of every person, which can in one way or another cause a decline in the quality and duration of life. However, today scientists from several US universities have compiled a statistical study, the results of which revealed that even these factors pale in comparison with a poor and improper diet, which can aggravate everything further. It is worth noting that the statistics collected by experts correlate not only with the domestic medical market of the USA, but also with the rest of the world.

Experts have looked at a wide range of conditions and factors of everyday life, which can exacerbate the situation – including a poor diet. After a study, they found that it was the poor diet that became the number one factor in reducing the quality and longevity of most adults in the US, responsible for 22% of all early deaths in 2017 in America – because a poor diet often causes heart failure , diabetes and a number of other diseases.

As for world statistics, this figure is about 16%, and in addition, experts have registered more than 255 million cases of deterioration of health to a critical point – after which many have developed this or that disability or dysfunction of internal organs. Among the most dangerous products, scientists call the product with a high content of sugar, sodium, trans fats, as well as with a low content of vitamins B, C and glucose.

That is, the recommendations are quite simple – it is worth consuming more fruits, vegetables and berries, avoid large amounts of red meat and it is better to completely give up excessive amounts of sugar, preferring its natural substitutes. Thus, a team of experts reaffirmed the results of many previous studies that spoke about the need to build the right diet to prevent the onset and development of various diseases.

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