A special type of meditation improves the ability of the brain to notice errors.

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It is no secret that systematic meditation can actually change the approach to how a person reacts to various stimuli – however, at the same time, meditation can be useful in order to become more conscious. Today, a team of scientists from the University of Michigan in the USA demonstrated the results of their new study, which examines the impact of so-called open monitoring meditation on the cognitive process of error recognition. Simply put, scientists wanted to find the answer to the question of whether meditation can actually be useful in order to more quickly and easily notice and correct errors before it is too late.

In order to confirm or refute their theory, a team of experts invited twenty relatively young volunteers of both sexes and a variety of activities, asking them to do so-called open monitoring meditation for twenty minutes once a day under the supervision of specialists. This type of meditation, in contrast to the classical one, is not aimed at suppressing thoughts and emotions, but rather, at their full identification and focus on current thoughts.

As a result, those people who practiced this type of meditation for a long time showed much greater activity and speed of reaction to the mistakes they made during subsequent tests for logic and abstract thinking – which was also recorded using ECG devices. So scientists have actually confirmed the fact that meditation can actually help a person not only clear his mind of unnecessary thoughts, but also increase brain activity aimed at eliminating errors.

It is worth noting that open-type meditation or monitoring meditation is in many ways easier than the meditation of the classical format – since far from all people, at least not all untrained ones, can stop the internal dialogue quite quickly. So meditation once again proved its multi-purpose orientation and the ability to be used as a kind of cognitive therapy.

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