A schoolboy from Moscow saved the life of a man aboard a plane

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An ordinary Moscow schoolboy managed to save a person’s life right aboard a passenger liner, the Moscow Department of Education reported. Returning after the holidays by plane from Sochi, a high school student Rudik Bogdan assisted one of the air passengers who had severe nasal bleeding during the flight. The crew of the aircraft could not help the patient, so the commander asked for the help of passengers with medical skills.

There were no doctors in the salon, but sixteen-year-old Bogdan agreed to help. He attended the medical special course for a year: in parallel with his studies at school, he mastered the profession of junior nurse in medical college No. 7.

The man was already unconscious of severe blood loss, so the guy had to first clear the respiratory tract of the victim from mucus and blood, and then during the entire flight before the forced landing at the Voronezh airport to stimulate the respiratory system of the diseased. It was possible to maintain breathing and constantly measure blood pressure with a special breathing bag and tonometer found in the on-board first-aid kit.

According to the boy's assurances, the need for quick decision-making and the grave threat to human life helped him not to panic. Bogdan said that the primary task was to help the patient, so there was simply no time left for the experience.

The guy shared that he still keeps in touch with the victim and is wondering whether to link his future with medicine or, after graduating from high school, to choose a chemical and biological field of study.

School pride

Educational institution number 1573 of the city of Moscow is very proud student. Teachers are sure that the world will hear more than once about their students: in addition to the pre-profile medical class, the school has the Engineering Class and the Cadet Class projects. Pupils become regular winners of various contests and competitions at both regional and state levels.



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