A safer alternative to conventional cannabinoids found

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There are many alternatives in nature when it comes to looking for and finding any natural medicines and medicinal compounds. So a team of researchers from Japan today presented its revised study on the analysis of the chemical – and, as a consequence, medical – properties of a plant called the liverwort. Their report says that the liverwort is a kind of substitute for marijuana, because according to the results of the study it was found that this plant contains a special molecule called perrotetinin, in its properties and effects on the body very similar to THC molecules – substances, found in marijuana.

However, the study of specialists primarily focuses on the possibility of determining how perrotetinin molecule can be useful for recreational and medical purposes in comparison with tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana. During preliminary studies, they found that this molecule actually activates the CB1 THC receptors in the body, thereby exhibiting a similar effect to marijuana. And this is very interesting, since the liverwort also belongs to the class of weeds, albeit mossy – it is mainly found in East Asia.

Initially, the special properties of this plant were discovered back in 1994, but then the study was not fully sponsored. Thus, the researchers were able to prove that the liver can be an effective alternative to recreational and medical marijuana, but they still have to find out the degree of psychoactive effect of perrotetinin on the body.

The matter is also somewhat complicated by the fact that the use of the liver in real life and medical practice is associated with the need to experience it in combination with other chemical agents and substances, which can cause some problems. However, experts point out that at the moment they are looking for the most interesting particulars related to the possibility of chemical decomposition of the substance, which will allow it to be integrated into drugs.

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