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Last year, to the great delight of fastidious people all over the world, scientists were able to successfully remotely control the path traversed by live cockroaches. They did this by wirelessly stimulating insects, which was located on the antennae and the cockroach's senses. Now a group of scientists from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) reported that they have achieved success in studying turtles walking. Fortunately for reptiles, KAIST methods were less invasive than those used on cockroaches.

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Like most animals, turtles have an innate sense of obstacles, and avoid them, that is, if something blocks their path in one direction, then they instinctively change their trajectory to avoid obstacles. Scientists have relied on this factor in the preparation of four red-eared turtles (turtles, which are usually sold in pet stores).
When it came time for a 10-minute test session, each turtle was wirelessly controlled and the servomotor attached to its shell. Together with this controller, a “blinderer” was installed on the turtle, which worked when scientists stimulated its work.

The turtle would like to start going down from the laboratory floor, at a time when the “blinderer” was already located on it. If the scientists caused blinding, the tortoise would still go in the normal direction, as if it were not visible to it. By tracking each turtle, the researchers were able to see that the animals follow a given path along the floor, which was surrounded by obstacles.
This allows us to conclude that it does not matter to the turtles whether they see or not, their instinctive “instinct” allows them to walk along a clean path. Such projects are very progressive. since its development will help to better know the animal world, and, accordingly, to better understand the behavior and capabilities of animals.

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