A potential way to stop egg aging is revealed

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For most women, the final loss of fertility occurs around the age of fifty – even taking into account modern medicine and its achievements, it is not so simple to overcome this natural threshold and not everyone succeeds. Which becomes a very big problem for those women who postpone the birth and upbringing of children to a more mature age, for various reasons. However, a team of physiologists from the University of Queensland in Australia presented the results of their new study on the potential to reverse the aging process of eggs.

Because it is precisely the aging of the eggs that is the main reason for the loss of fertility in women, along with some external factors. In an effort to find the most effective and safest way for women to have reproductive health, to stop and even reverse this process, a team of Australian researchers focused on testing using various nutritional supplements in female experimental rats. It turned out that one of the most promising and effective candidates was the NMN compound, which stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide – its scientists added the tested female rats to drinking water during the four weeks of the experiment.

After this period, scientists measured the degree of fertility of their eggs and found that this compound can actually significantly improve their quality and viability – moreover, even older female rats that had problems with reproduction showed an increase in a similar level of egg vitality .

Due to the fact that mouse and human biology are similar in many aspects, the researchers suggest a similar positive outcome for women, however, in order to finally confirm or refute these results, they need to conduct an additional series of laboratory tests. In addition, scientists also have not yet reported on their observations regarding the difference in effects at different doses of this substance, so this question remains.

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