A popular cure for alcoholism can help fight obesity

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Standard medical treatment for one disease can often lead to the possibility of a cure for another, as many scientists have repeatedly been convinced of earlier. And today, a team of specialists from the National Institute of Aging in the USA presented a new stage in testing a rather popular medicine for excessive alcohol consumption in the context of treatment for type 2 diabetes and, more importantly, for excessive obesity. The preliminary results showed a really interesting trend, which made scientists continue research and begin work on the second stage of testing this drug for alcoholism.

This is the so-called disulfiram, which has been used for five decades to treat alcohol dependence – with its systematic administration, the patient has the effect of severe dizziness. Thus, it is possible to present a fairly high level of quality of cure without any outside points. So in a new study, experts were able to quickly see the high effectiveness of this drug in mice, which previously induced the symptoms of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

It turned out that the mentioned disulfiram actually can significantly reduce the rate of obesity, mainly due to the blocking of special receptors of the immune system. After two weeks of testing, even those mice that suffered quite serious symptoms of diabetes, managed to get rid of most of the symptoms and not develop side effects. However, there are still many questions and conventions regarding the use of this drug.

Firstly, experts are not completely sure about how to properly configure disulfiram in order to use it massively for various patients who may have individual characteristics of the body and immune system. And secondly, the team of scientists has to get official approval from the FDA Federal Commission.

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