A plant-based diet can be harmful to the brain.

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Many plant-based diets, in one way or another, have significant and visible advantages over the more common meat types of diets – for example, they lower cholesterol, improve blood flow and allow people to get the vast majority of substances and trace elements necessary for an optimal life. However, a new study from several US universities has presented a new angle of view on such plant diets – experts now say that people following these diets are at a higher risk level.

And this risk is primarily associated with the assimilation of an extremely small amount of vitamin B12, which is more than found in meat, dairy and fish products, but practically not found in plant foods – and yet, its lack is directly associated with an increased risk of occurrence and development various neurodegenerative diseases, which has been repeatedly proven by many previous studies. Moreover, experts say that a lack of this vitamin can also negatively affect shorter periods – for example, the replacement of cells in the brain, which again leads to various systemic disorders of the body.

Another no less important, but less well-known substance, which is extremely scarce in plant foods, is choline – this is a complex of trace elements necessary for the correct and optimal regulation of the brain and some organs, so its deficiency can also lead to the development of a different complex of diseases in the future what scientists directly warn about.

It is worth noting the fact that a plant-based diet has undoubted advantages, especially for those people who suffer from various disorders of the digestive system – on the other hand, researchers warn about the need to be extremely careful in drawing up their own diet on this basis, as well as constantly consult with nutritionists and healthcare providers for the most accurate food prescription.

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