A new way to prevent the development of Alzheimer's syndrome has been proposed.

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Today, specialists from the University of Cambridge presented their new unique test in virtual reality, aimed at identifying with a high degree of probability the first signs of the development of such a neurodegenerative disease as Alzheimer's syndrome. The specialists worked on this test for a long time and at the moment presented the most perfect form of it – the test itself is focused on checking the accuracy of the work of the entorhinal cortex, which first suffers from signs of neurodegeneration gradually increasing in intensity, in particular, differing space.

Namely, this new test is focused on this – it first of all tests the patient's ability to orient himself in the virtual space with the help of a virtual reality helmet and controllers connected to the system. According to preliminary studies, standard diagnostic tests for the determination of severe neurodegeneration are often confused with such mild disorders of cognitive functions, like MCI – when a person begins to orient worse in space with age.

To avoid this confusion, the development team selected 45 patients with the MCI disorder and studied their specific biomarkers for Alzheimer's syndrome. Then, after conducting the diagnostic test itself in the virtual environment, they determined that those patients whose biomarkers more closely coincide with the biomarkers of Alzheimer's patients are much worse able to cope with the tasks of orientation in the artificial space of the virtual environment.

Thus, a new diagnostic test in the virtual space from neurodegeneration specialists from the University of Cambridge shows that it is much more effective to recognize the various first signs of such a disorder if you use more effective and modern diagnostic measures as such. So it remains to wait for the subsequent improvement of the test functionality.

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