A new way is presented to strengthen CAR-therapy against cancer.

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The modern complex of oncological therapies is somehow characterized by a really interesting choice of treatment, but even the most effective of them can be far from being so effective – for example, the so-called CAR therapy, which is more oriented against blood cancer, shows quite average indicators when fighting a solid tumor. . In order to further enhance the effectiveness of this type of therapy in this direction, a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a vaccine with which T-cells – essential in the fight against cancer – can be delivered directly to the lymph nodes and thereby bypass obstacles.

T cells are produced by the immune system itself as a response to the detection of cancer-mutated cells – they serve as peculiar agents that can effectively destroy infected cells. But, in addition to this, they can also destroy healthy cells, and in order to avoid this, a team of specialists from MIT has taken the following. She created a vaccine that produces special fat cells – the so-called fat tails – that envelop T-cells and successfully transfer them to the lymph node area, where they then successfully spread their influence on damaged cancer cells and tumors.

The main theoretical approach of specialists was that if these T-cells are further strengthened with the help of the notorious fat tails, they can not only increase the effectiveness of their action on cancer-infected cells, but also effectively avoid damage to healthy cells, which is really promising. moment, because so it will be possible to avoid many complicating factors of treatment.

It is worth noting that at this stage of testing a new vaccine, scientists are not yet ready to talk about any final commercial version of it – because in general, it is about correctly coping with the selection of some additional compounds and approaches in order to maximize all aspects of vaccine action. And this requires time – in addition, they want to present some alternatives.

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