A new type of PDK plastic has been created, maintaining integrity during processing.

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Today, material engineering specialists from the University of Berkeley presented their new unique development – this is a new kind of sustainable and multifunctional plastic PDK, which has a high degree of processing without losing its quality and molecular integrity. This plastic is a poly-diketoenamine and is rather an experimental compound that developers continue to work with in order to make it even more stable and solid – however, preliminary results have already shown that this type of plastic shows excellent properties of its processing.

Because at the moment the most common type of plastic in the world called PET plastic is processed only to a very small extent – about 20% of its total production. Such a low recycling rate is due to the fact that it is based on many additional dyes and chemical compounds, which in one way or another affect the integrity of the material when it is processed at the molecular level, preventing it from retaining the original level of stability and integrity.

To solve this problem, specialists from the University of Berkeley have designed their own version of plastic, which has a significantly higher level of processing – PDK plastic, thus, becomes really interesting and unusual for use in various fields, and does not require adding to itself various third-party chemical compounds and elements, which makes it truly sustainable and an excellent candidate for further processing – which helps the environmental situation well.

It is worth noting the fact that PDK plastic is a really interesting version of plastic, since preliminary test results associated with it show that it can be modified in many different ways and turned into almost anything, and this is a really promising experiment. So it is worth looking at the presented type of plastic.

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