A New Type of Eczema Medication Developed

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Today in the scientific journal JAMA Dermatology a very interesting article of medical specialists from the United States appeared on the analysis of the effect of one medicine for eczema on the restoration of hair growth – this uncharacteristic relationship was discovered during the treatment of one of the patients suffering from acute eczema from early childhood. We are talking about a 13-year-old patient who, for two weeks, was prescribed a course of medicine called dupilumab, which already at the end of the first week began to have a significant effect on the growth of hair on the skull – and the patient suffered from lack of hair from about the age of two, which this medicine does really promising.

Dupilumab is a monoclonal antibody developed during experiments to create a new type of drug that could effectively fight eczema and other acute skin diseases. Tested and approved by the U.S. Drug and Food Administration in 2017, Dupilumab has since been tested as an additional bioactive substance that can cope with eczema symptoms.

In the case of a 13-year-old patient, specialists found that she has acute atopic dermatitis – a special form of eczema that can hardly be treated with traditional means. The patient began to prescribe a course of dupilumab, which after the first week already began to have a very interesting effect on the patient – her hair on the skull began to grow in large numbers, which represents an unexpected turn in the effect of this antibody on the body.

It is not yet clear whether the same effects of hair regrowth will be observed in patients of a different age and condition – however, they suggest that this effect is due to the fact that this antibody simultaneously targets both the immune system and damaged skin cells, thus creating complex pharmacological effect. It is worth noting that this complex is really promising at the present stage of its testing and modification.

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