A new theory of the superiority of a tyrannosaurus has been proven

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A lot of research on dinosaurs, one way or another, revolves around the possibility and desire to reconstruct their original appearance, based on the presence of bones, skeletons and other artifacts from the organic culture of these huge reptiles that lived more than 65 million years ago. It is worth noting that some theories about dinosaurs seem to be more unique and unusual – for example, the theory that predators of all stages and all sizes existed in their time, however, current research by a team of archaeologists and morphologists from the University of New Mexico in the United States indicates to something completely opposite.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that we are primarily talking about research related to the world famous tyrannosaurs, which represent almost the highest point of the food chain of these ancient reptiles – and it is so, as the new research focuses on the consideration of morphogenetic analysis evolution of dinosaurs, contrary to the more classical theory of the presence of a huge number of individual species of reptiles.

In particular, a talented team of morphogeneticists from the University of New Mexico pointed out that a more detailed and detailed study of the remains of tyrannosaurs not only established the truth of their highest position in the food chain of congeners in general, but also pointed to the fact that tyrannosaurs developed as the best predators so much effectively, that in fact left no chance of the appearance of a similar kind of predators of any size – this explains the fact why at this point in time we can observe predators of all sizes.

Thus, the new study clearly points to the important fact that most likely the early studies about dinosaurs and their evolution – and in particular about the evolution of the Tyrannosaurus rex – were not entirely realistic and in some sense even erroneous, and therefore at this point in time the team of researchers says about their desire to continue studying their topic and provide the interested scientific and general public with even more information and scientific information regarding dinosaurs.

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