A new test for determining the level of radiation in blood is presented

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Radiation can be a really insidious adversary, since it is always invisible, but at the same time it reveals its influence over time – which in particular can be dangerous for the person who has been exposed to it. Modern testing and diagnostics to determine the level of radiation in the blood most often require a fairly comprehensive blood analysis and take several hours, or even days, so the development of a new type of test is one of the highest priority tasks for specialists – and it is precisely such a test that was proposed today from sides of a team of scientists from Ohio State University who have been working on it for a long time.

The test itself from American researchers is quite simple, since it consists in identifying the presence and quantity of two main biomarkers, which at one time were markers of a particular level of radiation. These are two RNA molecules called microRNA-150 and microRNA-23a. In the case of the first molecule, it is even easier, since a certain level of its accumulation in the blood indicates a similar level of damage to the bone tissue, and this can be the final decision regarding the prompt treatment of the patient.

The second molecule is more related to the volume of absorbed radiation per unit of time, which makes it possible to more accurately understand how much radiation was absorbed by a person. Moreover, this new diagnostic test requires only the usual collection of arterial blood, which makes it such an incredibly flexible and convenient tool for subsequent use by medical institutions and hospitals, although not without some restrictions.

At this point in time, a team of medical researchers at Ohio University is working on eliminating unnecessary components in their diagnostic test and strives to make it much easier and cheaper. Given that the cost reduction of the test itself is one of the most revealing aspects of it, it becomes clear that the team will soon illustrate the final commercial version of such a test.

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