A new study explains the mechanism of euthanasia of cancer cells by the immune system

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An effective fight against cancer-infected cells becomes possible only when the most proven and modern technologies and methods of such fight are applied – for this purpose, oncologists from Australia presented today a report on their new method of immunotherapy aimed at suppressing cancer cells, thus allowing to keep them under control and to control at least partially the process of cell growth in the body. To do this, specialists applied a conceptually new approach using a special class of immune T cells, which even earlier demonstrated a really high level of efficiency.

In general, the approach per se, which is to suppress or euthanize cancer cells, is considered by modern specialists as more and more effective, gathering great attention from leading oncologists – it is not surprising, given how many dangerous and rapid forms of cancer exist whose traditional treatment seems difficult. As for the immune cells themselves, the experiment is about the use of TRM cells, discovered about twenty years ago and since then showing very promising results in the context of tumor growth.

By inducing experimental mice with subcutaneous malignant melanoma, Australian researchers carefully observed how TRM cells pass through the infected areas using a new generation of special thermo-microscope. During the observation, they found that this class of immune cells quite effectively suppresses the growth and development of cancer cells, introducing them into something like a sleeping state, while absolutely not affecting other resources of the immune system.

Given such a successful and excellent result, it becomes clear that soon experts will conduct a number of studies on this topic – and, most likely, will achieve no less success. It is worth noting the fact that such an approach to anticancer therapy has clear advantages in comparison with traditional methods of “aggressive” treatment with the help of various anticancer drugs.

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