A new outbreak of salmonellosis has been registered in the USA.

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Today, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a special report on a new round of reported cases of a massive outbreak of salmonellosis – it is worth noting that this is the second outbreak in the current year, where the first occurred in late January. But this time, disease control and prevention specialists say that most likely the main cause of the outbreak and spread of the outbreak is the fact that many infected people have a domestic hedgehog as a pet – and this particular Salmonella strain is caused by the fact that hedgehogs have become carriers of infection, as shown by preliminary laboratory tests.

It is worth noting the important fact that so far the results are really preliminary and may not reflect some specific features and moments associated with the transmission of this viral strain of Salmonella. Only 11 states of America reported registered outbreaks of salmonellosis of a new type on their territory, and two people had already been taken to hospital with serious consequences of infection — however, no one is reported to have died from this.

As for laboratory tests, the experts selected 15 subjects from among those infected and found that 13 of them actually own hedgehogs – and therefore they collected a total of eight blood samples of their pets and began to work on their epidemiological comparison, in order to detect one or another chemical agent that triggers the process of activating a Salmonella strain, since this requires a special internal process of the development of bacteria.

However, so far scientists have not come to any specific conclusions regarding the study of a new outbreak of Salmonella diseases – and this means that subsequent laboratory tests and results may show a slightly different picture of what is generally expected. That is why experts are seeking, as soon as possible and earlier, to clarify what exactly is behind the new outbreak of such a dangerous disease.

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