A new lung transplant method tested in the US

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When it comes to how far organ transplantation has advanced, many researchers note the fact that a modern set of tools and approaches in this field of medicine allows one to deal with this procedure and its attendant features much more effectively. In addition, judging by the success of the team of specialists from the University of Texas at the United States, people who soon need organ transplants may no longer be waiting for the appearance of a suitable donor organ, because the specialists managed to achieve a conceptually new approach to growing and transplanting organs by conducting a special experiment on transplanting lungs to pigs.

The experiment focused mainly on the ability to find out how successfully the lungs grown from their own living cells of pigs took root – for their cultivation, the specialists used a very interesting and polysyllabic approach. First, they removed one lung from the other animals, then placed it in a special solution, which left only the protein construct in the form of the lung. Then they added pig cells and placed in another solution, which allowed new cells to grow together.

Further, by transplanting new grown organs to experimental pigs, the scientists carefully observed the possible symptoms of rejection of the new organs – for greater convenience, they divided the observations into weeks, two, a month and two months. But even after two months from the moment of transplantation, the pigs did not show any deviations and problems in the “acceptance” of the organ – moreover, the formation of blood vessels completed only two weeks later.

Such stunning results were one of the first to demonstrate the real possibility of a modern complex of transplantation tools and concepts in the development of transplantology as such. Previously, scientists managed to create completely healthy skin from bioengineered materials of natural origin, which was also a great achievement for the development of this area in medical science and practice. Soon you can expect new, no less interesting results!

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