A new group of heart-hazardous antibiotics found

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Many clinical studies aimed at studying the properties and characteristics of various groups of antibiotics, one way or another, have sufficiently accurate data regarding the relationship with various diseases – a new study is the work of specialists from the University of British Columbia who studied the so-called fluoroquinol group of antibiotics . Despite the fact that it was previously recognized as safe enough, new research has determined that in fact it can cause conditions close to cardiac regurgitation.

Cardiac regurgitation is a condition in which blood pumped by the heart flows back in large proportions, which can lead to the development of either mitral or aortic regurgitation. The first type is not characterized by a high degree of risk and most often recovers on its own, while the second one requires the replacement of the heart valve in one way or another – which means the need for a long and expensive treatment. That is why the team of scientists focused on identifying the effect of fluoroquinol antibiotics on the state of the heart and revealed that it actually contributes to regurgitation – and the older the person, the more likely it is to form.

On average, experts call the chance at 2.4%, which is quite a lot, given how quickly the number of patients receiving treatment for a particular heart disorder increases annually. It was these results that led to a review of the release of fluoroquinols and, possibly, even to completely cancel them – at least in the United States of America, where the clinical trial itself takes place.

In any case, so far the issue of seizure of this group of antibiotics is still being considered, and specialists are undertaking a new round of research aimed at determining what exactly is the most dangerous in this regard. So far, the responsible team has noted that the American Heart Association has also shown interest in the study, which means that in the future it will go in a much more lively and productive way.

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