A new drug for the treatment of prostate cancer, replacing chemotherapy

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A drug that replaces chemotherapy for prostate cancer
What is Xofigo and how does it work?
Results of use of Xofigo and its advantages

The most pressing problem in male oncology is prostate cancer. According to various medical statistics, every 10th person gets sick with them – every 7th man is elderly, and in 20% of patients cancer is detected in the late stage, with metastases.

These cases require a special approach to the choice of treatment, and most importantly – the combined use of several methods of influence on the tumor:

surgical removal of the prostate;
radiation therapy;
hormone therapy;


A drug that replaces chemotherapy for prostate cancer

Among all these methods, the greatest number of all kinds of side effects cause chemotherapy, which, entering the body, affect not only the tumor, but also healthy cells. They slow down the reparative processes in tissues, impair metabolism (metabolic processes), inhibit general and tissue immunity, promote hair loss, worsen skin condition.

However, all this goes into the background, because chemotherapy is still quite a powerful and effective "weapon" in the hands of oncologists, and this is the case when the lesser of 2 evils choose the least. And yet, scientists all over the world are constantly working on the creation of alternative means of chemotherapy, that is, such drugs, which, acting on cancer cells, would not damage healthy tissues and organs.

There are already quite a few such harmless drugs, but they are all inferior in terms of the effectiveness of chemotherapy. And finally, eureka is such a drug created and produced by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, his name is Xofigo.

What is Xofigo and how does it work?

The new drug Xofigo has no analogues today. It is based on radioactive isotopes that emit destructive alpha rays of a high power and low frequency for a tumor. A feature of the drug is that it selectively acts only on cancer cells, and does not cause irradiation of healthy cells.

prostate cancer drug

That is, this effect can be called a point effect, in which from 2 to 10 tumor cells get under the influence of rays. After exposure, the drug is completely excreted from the body through the gastrointestinal tract, while causing temporary functional disorders in the form of vomiting, diarrhea, which can be easily eliminated with medication. Due to the highest accuracy of exposure, Xofigo does not cause any general radiation reaction or radiation burns of tissues and organs.

Another remarkable property of the new drug is that it is able to bind with calcium ions and penetrate into the bone tissue. And this allows you to effectively influence the metastases in the bones, which always accompany the 4th stage of prostate cancer.

Results of use of Xofigo and its advantages

New in the treatment of prostate cancer – the drug Xofigo caused controversy in the scientific circles of the world. So far, over the past 2 years, the “flagship” of medical science, the US Oncology, has been conducting clinical trials of the drug, wanting to unconditionally verify its effectiveness, British experts doubt the appropriateness of the drug because of the still high price of the drug, and German developers have repeatedly proved its effectiveness , Israeli clinics experts successfully use Xofigo in the treatment of prostate cancer and get good results.

According to the clinics in Israel, using the drug for the treatment of prostate cancer, the life expectancy of patients increased by 30%, the general condition and quality of life improved, the process of metastasis is blocked, and bone metastases undergo a reverse development.

So, Israeli medicine once again was among the first in the world to introduce advanced treatment methods and proved the advantages of a unique drug for the treatment of prostate cancer:

the safety of the treatment, the absence of serious side effects, which is especially important for elderly patients;
no need for chemotherapy;
no need for hospitalization of the patient;
ease of administration of the drug – 1 injection per month;
effective effect on bone metastases;
rapid improvement of the condition of patients, the extension of their lives.

Already, patients from any country, patients with prostate cancer, especially desperate, can undergo such treatment with a new drug in one of the Israeli clinics.

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