A new diet has been made to improve the intestinal biome in malnutrition.

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Lack of food and physical activity are becoming the main causes of malnutrition and not quite proper physical development – which becomes especially important for children living in the poorest and least developed regions of our planet. In order to establish the most rational and effective format of therapeutic food designed to eliminate malnutrition in children and restore their normal development, a team of scientists from several US universities undertook a study aimed at Bangladeshi children suffering from malnutrition – and found that the traditional approach to such food not always useful and interesting.

First of all, in addition to the development of various rickety symptoms, malnourished children also develop not quite correct and standard colonies of intestinal bacteria – in most cases, these children lack some very important bacterial colonies that regulate the growth and development of the whole organism. That is why scientists seized several complexes of intestinal bacteria from 63 Bangladeshi children and, based on animal models, tested several dietary options at once, with which you can not only eliminate the primary and secondary factors of malnutrition, but also “increase” the necessary intestinal bacteria.

As a result of a long comparative study, scientists have found that the most excellent results in this context are shown by a diet composed mainly of chickpeas, nuts, bananas and soybeans, all of which should be supplied twice a day. This is necessary in order for all metabolic processes to be properly completed.

After conducting preliminary studies using this mostly vegetable diet on 63 children-patients from Bangladesh, the scientists noticed that children not only eliminated malnutrition, but also increased some important intestinal bacteria and their colonies – and due to this they managed to avoid further development of a wide range of rachitic diseases and disorders, including those associated with proper and harmonious growth of tissues.

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