A new candidate for the role of an effective nanomedicine has been established

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Today, a new method was introduced to artificially improve the efficiency of drug delivery to the body – specialists from the University of Lincoln in the UK presented a new complex of technology that allows the use of gold nanoparticles coupled with some protein compounds for more efficient transport of drug compounds into the blood, which in theory will allow not only accelerate drug absorption, but can also prevent many problems associated with internal cell barriers, one way or another eshayuschimi absorb the medication. An article with a new study has already been published in the journal Nature Communications.

Gold nanoparticles are an ideal candidate for the role of “transport” of medicinal substances – having a diameter of a billionth of a meter, they also have quick and easy absorption of substances on their surface. This property allowed scientists to repeatedly test them, wrapping them in special protein compounds for additional protection when they enter the body. However, the main innovation of this study is that specialists were able to get rid of the traditional problem of “blind” mixing of these nanoparticle proteins, by establishing the ability to point-add protein compounds to the particle surface and observe the reaction.

Such successful results will surely be an important step in the development of even more effective and inexpensive means and methods for the delivery of drug compounds into the blood, bypassing various cellular barriers in the body.

At the moment, scientists are focusing on further improving this technology in order to enhance the anti-immune protection of the membrane – it is no secret that the immune system is very jealous of any element that is outside of her mind, and therefore seeks to destroy the potential threat with the help of special cells. That is why specialists seek to further increase the degree of protection of this protein coat.

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