A new biological product for the treatment of breast cancer

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Trials Palbotsiklib (Ibrans)
Clinical Experiment Results
Indications and Usage

Despite the widespread prevalence among women, breast cancer is losing ground every year due to the constant development and emergence of new anti-cancer drugs that are used in treatment abroad. In recent years, oncology has made an increasing emphasis on biological agents, which in practice are quite effective and are not as toxic to the body as chemotherapy drugs.

In addition, as part of a combination cancer treatment program abroad, they can reduce the dose of hormonal and chemotherapy drugs.

Trials Palbotsiklib (Ibrans)

palbocyclib imbranceAfter several years of laboratory and clinical trials in February 2015, the United States officially approved a new biological product for the treatment of breast cancer abroad Palbotsiklib (Ibrans), developed and manufactured by the famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer. According to the mechanism of action, Palbocyclib is an inhibitor (antagonist) of certain cyclin-dependent enzymes of tumor cells. Their blocking with the drug leads to a significant slowdown in tumor development.

For clinical trials, 165 patients with breast cancer were selected – the experimental and control groups. Patients in the control group underwent chemotherapy with Letrozole; in the experimental group, Letrozole was combined with the test drug.

Clinical Experiment Results

The results of a clinical experiment showed that treatment with Palbotsiklib led to a 2-fold increase in the survival time of patients, that is, the period of "lull" without tumor signs increased from 10 to 20 months, and this is in patients with a common form of estrogen breast cancer resistant.

breast cancer

Such results gave the FDA grounds to assign the drug the status of “breakthrough therapy”, and it is already being introduced into the oncological practice of foreign clinics.

Indications and Usage

The active compound of Imbrans is palbociclib (Palbociclib). It was this component that gave a high result in the treatment of metastatic breast cancers. Imbrance is indicated for women during menopause. The drug is already used in medical centers in Israel.

Ibrans will be available in three dosages:

Ibrance 125 mg capsules: opaque hard gelatin capsules, size 0, with caramel lid and body, printed with white ink "Pfizer" on the cap, "PBC 125" on the case.

Ibrance 100 mg capsules: opaque hard gelatin capsules, size 1, with a caramel lid and a light orange body, printed with white ink “Pfizer” on the cap, “PBC 100” on the case.

Ibrance 75 mg capsules: opaque hard gelatin capsules, size 2, with a light orange cap and a casing printed with white ink "Pfizer" on the cap, "PBC 75" on the casing.

You can find out the price of the drug Palbotsiklib (Imbrans) by filling out the contact form. UNIMED consultants will provide you with all the necessary information on this medicine, as well as talk about analogue medicines in the world market, their properties and the cost of treatment in Israel and other countries.

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