A new approach to the treatment of foot deformities in children

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They require special skin care to avoid damage and pressure sores, and also contribute to the immobilization of certain muscle groups and their atrophy.

In Israel, completed a 7-year development and clinical trials of a fundamentally new method of treatment, much more convenient, physiological and effective. A group of scientists and designers under the leadership of Ilona Daizda (Deputy Director of the company Ando Med) has developed a new device that is put on the baby's foot in the form of a shoe, automatically and continuously performs correction of the foot position, massage certain areas of it.

The duration of treatment is 1.5-3 months, during this time the child does not experience discomfort, there is no limitation in his physical activity, which is very important for the normal circulation of the limb, and for general physical development.

A new method of treating deformity of the foot Daizda has already proven its effectiveness in clinical practice in dozens of young patients.

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