A low fat diet can be dangerous for men

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Today, nutritionists from several universities in the United States presented the results of their new study, devoted to considering the real extent of the benefits of the so-called low-fat diet for men. It turned out that in the pursuit of slender figures and good muscle relief, many men risk falling into a certain biological trap, during which they begin to produce less testosterone, which is more due to the systematic consumption of foods that are poor in fats, but rich in carbohydrates or fiber. At least this is evidenced by a new study.

It is worth noting that some similar studies previously also reported a similar risk factor, indicating that for most healthy men who are not obese and have digestive upsets, eating low-fat foods on a daily basis may actually lead to a decrease in the overall level of testosterone produced, not to mention the fact that such a diet can provoke some other diseases. To verify the initial data on this theory, scientists conducted an experiment involving 3100 men, who were divided into two groups – the first consumed mainly Mediterranean food rich in fats, and for the second they prepared a low-fat diet.

It turned out that at least 14% of men on a low-fat diet after a week showed a lower level of testosterone in the blood compared with those subjects who were in the Mediterranean group.

Thus, the presented study clearly illustrates how closely the issue of food fat and testosterone status is associated with the general well-being of men – despite the fact that many nutritionists around the world are actively promoting diet options that practically do not have such products. However, scientists note that in the case of obese men, in fact, such a diet can be useful in the long and short term.

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