A huge jellyfish architeuthis discovered again

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Today, a team of marine science researchers from the Ocean Research Association ORCA in the United States presented new unique images of a no less unique deep-sea inhabitant – namely, a giant jellyfish under the scientific designation Architeuthis, which was first noticed seven years ago. However, then scientists managed to capture only a part of a living organism, since the pictures were taken from submarines and special rovers that can work at great depths – but due to the fact that these devices made a lot of noise and uncomfortable deep-sea inhabitants of the world, they could not succeed in full sealed jellyfish.

Now, using a special camera bait called The Medusa, the experts were able to once again find this giant and make a more detailed impression of its size and features. So, it became known that the giant jellyfish has a length of about 45 feet and boasts a fairly high speed of movement, not quite characteristic of other members of its species. And it was possible to remove it only because the scientists altered the bait in the right way – it looks like something resembling a small jellyfish emitting blue light.

Thus, the calculation was that Architeuthis would notice the bait and, taking it as a potential delicacy, would come closer to a snapshot. And so it happened, even though the scientists managed to keep the bait intact. They point out that the important success factor in it was the use of special long-distance laser radiation, which is almost imperceptible to most deep-sea inhabitants.

Thus, The Medusa lure was for the most part a pilot project, with the help of which scientists tried to test how this technology could be useful in luring fairly large and large deep-sea inhabitants – and they succeeded. It is possible that in the near future they will be able to apply the technology in a mass format.

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