A high fat diet can be especially dangerous for women.

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Despite the fact that in total most of the markers and symptoms of neurodegeneration turn out to be the same for men and for women, nevertheless certain sexual biological differences are manifested here. Here is a new study by specialists from the US Neuroscience Community to illustrate such differences, which revealed that consuming a large number of foods high in fat may be more dangerous for women, in terms of neurodegeneration. Since, having performed several tests with rats in laboratory conditions in the context of their consumption of such a diet, they established certain relationships with this risk.

It is worth noting that diets with a high fat content in themselves have a certain degree of risk of developing a wide range of diseases of internal organs, regardless of the gender of the patient. However, a new study by neurophysiological experts revealed that, nevertheless, such a diet is more dangerous for women. They conducted a small experiment during which two groups of mice – males and females – were given food that was plentifully flavored with fats for 18 weeks.

After the end of the first stage of the experiment, scientists found that despite symptoms common to males and females such as obesity and a high level of insulin resistance in the blood, female mice in the vast majority of cases began to show irreversible changes in the hippocampus neurogenesis – the hippocampal division responsible for the formation of new neural connections. As a result, females almost completely ceased to form new neuronal connections, which markedly worsened the progress of neurodegeneration as such.

These results partly explain a similar trend among people, since often it is the female half of patients suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson’s that demonstrate the worst nature of neurodegeneration. However, the researchers themselves have yet to answer the question of why this is happening and what particular mechanisms are involved here – if they even manage to do this in the framework of the current study.

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