A diet rich in fiber and yogurt helps lower cancer risk

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Some diet options considered by researchers in the field of biology and dietetics cannot fail to attract attention with their extremely positive results, both in the short and long term. For example, today a team of researchers from the medical center at Vanderbilt University presented the results of their new experiment, which examines the relationship between the systematic use of fiber and yogurt and the prevention of the risk of various serious digestive, immune, and autoimmune diseases.

Experts conducted several comparative experiments, focusing on the need to compare the level of yogurt and fiber intake in different age groups of people, then to indicate a potential relationship with the risk of any serious illness. It turned out that a diet rich in yogurt and fiber is one of the most optimal solutions, if necessary, not only to conduct good prophylaxis for a wide range of digestive and immune diseases, but also as a post-restoration diet.

Because yogurt is a fermented product containing many beneficial bacteria, and the use of fiber – for example, nut crops – in general, increases the tone and effectiveness of the digestive system, neutralizing some groups of harmful bacteria and can even resist some viruses.

For their part, scientists noted that the presented yogurt-fiber diet is not the first iteration of the diet aimed at improving the function of the immune and digestive systems – however, it is the most interesting and optimal due to the lack of visible contraindications and other difficulties that may be associated adaptation of the diet in the human diet. However, scientists are also interested in double-checking some of their preliminary data.

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