A cure for diabetes can save from a heart attack

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Today we received information that it is possible to resist diabetes mellitus of the second type and the risk of developing a heart attack with the help of a single medicine called empagliflozin – this medicine was developed some time ago and was originally intended for diabetics who need to lower sugar levels in blood. It is worth noting the fact that previously, developers have suggested that it can play a positive role in reducing the development of heart disease in diabetics, and as a result – in those who do not suffer from diabetes at all.

This is how it happened, because tests performed by experts from the Icunn School of Medicine in the United States on experimental pigs — which were previously induced to have a condition similar to type 2 diabetes — showed that the use of empagliflozin actually leads to a significant decrease in blood sugar and also reduces the amount of sugar deposited in the kidneys. As a consequence, the risk of early development of a heart attack and other heart diseases in all types of diabetics — and non-diabetics — is significantly reduced.

Which causes an increase in the chances of avoiding a similar fate. Returning to the pig experiments, scientists found that the regulation of the heart muscle was significantly better when using this compound even when parallel with large amounts of sugar and fat – which may indicate that empagliflozin has the ability to quickly dissipate sugar before it is deposited. in the kidneys. However, more research is needed here.

It is worth noting that so far scientists are not ready to talk about any specific results of the study, since they are trying to double-check some preliminary facts regarding empagliflozin – nevertheless, while maintaining the trends and results presented, it becomes clear that most likely in a relatively near future the drug can firmly enter into the composition of many drugs aimed at regulating the cardiovascular system.

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