A certain type of antibiotic can help fight Alzheimer's

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The fight against various types and forms of neurodegenerative diseases has been going on for quite a long time, and therefore it can be assumed that sooner or later, scientists will be able to develop a universal – or close to this – medicine that will help to effectively stop the degeneration of brain tissue and cells. So today, experts from the Scripps research center presented a report on their new study, which is dedicated to considering the effect of the minocycline antibiotic on protein aggregation in large quantities. This aggregation is the first and most important symptom of the development of a neurodegenerative disease.

The fact is that previously the possibility of a positive effect of this antibiotic on protein aggregation was theoretically possible – however, previously, specialists did not attempt to seriously consider its effect. Specialists from the Scripps Research Center conducted their investigation, during which they applied this antibiotic to roundworms, which previously induced abnormal and unbalanced protein division.

After observing their behavior for some time and compiling a cross-reference report, they found that minoclycine really effectively eliminates the excessive amount of protein accumulating in the brain cells and its tissues – however, these results can still be correlated with the physiology of roundworms. Be that as it may, the results achieved demonstrate that this antibiotic can be a really useful component in new types of therapies.

So far, the study only theorizes the possibility of using this antibiotic in people suffering from the aggregation of an excessive amount of proteins in brain cells – however, researchers do not give up and seek to confirm their initial results with additional studies and tests. It is worth waiting for the next stage of development of this experimental type of therapy, which can really turn out to be excellent.

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