343 Industries Launches Unique Children's Hand Denture

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The promising manufacturer of various interesting robotic devices 343 Industries today very much surprised the general public with its new project of a hand prosthesis for children, made in the style of the popular console game Halo. This project was made possible thanks to the active cooperation of the company with the startup Limbitless Solutions, which in turn specializes in the development of prostheses and assistive devices for the disabled. The new manual prosthesis is not just a continuation of the hand of an unusual design, but a rather functional prototype, which, moreover, is distributed absolutely free of charge for all children who need prostheses.

343 Industries noted that its hand prosthesis is made of materials printed on a 3D printer, which already automatically makes its manufacturing cost lower in comparison with the traditional approach to the manufacture of functional prostheses. As for its distribution, this is carried out through a campaign initiated by Limbitless Solutions, whose engineers developed two basic design concepts for the prosthesis model – one is made in the style of the armored arm of the character Master Chief from the Halo game universe, and the second resembles the arm of an Iron Man costume.

The prosthesis allows you to control your fingers and perform the simplest actions, such as grabbing and holding, which already allows children with disabilities to carry out most of the useful and necessary actions. Having presented their project, both companies received very warm user support and their willingness to help them financially in further improving the prototype of the prosthesis and its functionality – it is worth noting that the idea itself is very interesting.

Thus, 343 Industries continues to work to improve and complement its prosthesis, striving to make it truly multifunctional and interesting for the vast majority of children. Moreover, the technology of 3D-printing allows you to create individual and unique projects.

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