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Our Optometrists in Vancouver provide primary vision care including refractive testing and vision correction. Our Vancouver Optometrists also conduct full eye health examinations, diagnosis and treatment of disease and disorders of the visual system of the eye and associated structures.
You will receive exceptional customer service, quality eye care and the latest in designer eyewear.
We look forward to serving you in either our downtown Vancouver location or in Abbotsford.

Check out our new video about what to expect from a complete Eye Exam in Vancouver with Dr. Parm Sandhu.

In the following video, Vancouver Optometrist Dr Parm Sandhu talks about the Three O’s of Optometry. Opticians, Optometrists and Opthamologists.

Hi I am Parm Sandhu, I am the optometrist and owner of Eye Max eyecare. Today I would like to discuss with you what we call in our profession, the “3 O’s” They are “Opticians” “Optometrists” and “Opthamologists.” We all work together to provide eye care and eyewear and eye health management and treatment for our patients.

First of all the Opticians. Opticians are frame stylists, they sell frames and contact lenses, they are knowledgeable about different types of eyeglass lenses options.

Optometrists are primary eye health care providers. The way I describe them is, we are the door keepers of eye care and eye health, we measure your prescription, check your binocular vision and assess, manage and treat any eye health issues that you may have that do not require surgery.

For that we refer you to the Opthamologist who are the eye surgeons. The optometrists do co-manage cataract and laser surgery with the Opthamologist. So the Opthamologist are the eye surgions. We refer you to them for all eye health issues that we do not treat or manage such as cataract surgery, retinal surgeries, problems, corrective laser surgery such as Lasik and PRK which are very popular these days.

So these are the 3 O’s, Opticians, Optometrists and Opthamologists.


Vancouver OptometristVancouver Optometrists - Optometrist in downtown Vancouver
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